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The Voice of Young People on Safeguarding

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Cardiff Youth Service's response to youth homelessness is ensuring that young people who may be displaying early signs of youth homelessness through a number of different criteria are identified, and a preventative response is offered.  This is undertaken through utilising a number of different data sources, including the VAP and the Upstream screening tool. These tools will identify those young people who could benefit from the support which is on offer. Support ranges from: family mediation, one-to-one support, group work and informal homelessness awareness sessions.

Additionally, an importance is placed upon ensuring young people with lived experiences are consulted on any developments or deliveries which are offered to young people. Cardiff Youth Service's role is to ensure these developments and deliveries play a pivotal role in underpinning the homelessness agenda within the service. 

Moreover, developing an operational group for professionals working with young people experiencing homelessness is to be set up. The purpose is to ensure that a robust response is offered across the city along with a clear and accessible youth homelessness pathway. If you would like to join this group please get in touch through the details below.


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A whole Service approach

  • Deliver the Opening Doors activity pack for young people 11-18 years, an awareness and introduction to youth homelessness.
  • Deliver the Right Track Pack for information around housing and homelessness.
  • Staff training surrounding youth homelessness to understand how to recognise the signs, offer the right information and support, clear of the homelessness pathway and young people’s rights to access appropriate housing and housing support.
  • Gather and collate data as appropriate, to identify early, those young people who may be displaying characteristics which might result in youth homelessness (i.e. sofa surfing, family breakdown/conflict, poor attendance in school, domestic violence, criminal activities, isolation, bereavement, LGBTQ etc.)
  • Work with young people with lived experiences to support the development and delivery of youth homelessness awareness within each provision and tailor current intervention in order to promote young people’s voices.
  • Deliver sessions on managing good mental health and wellbeing to develop ability to “cope” with challenges which might lead to youth homelessness (strength-based and centre-based interventions)
  • Support young people into Employment, Education, Training or Volunteering to reduce the risk of becoming disengaged and the risk of becoming homeless.


Emotional Health

Cardiff Youth Service’s response to emotional health is supporting young people, colleagues, schools and other professionals to identify healthy coping strategies to minimise the need for specialist mental health support.

This can be done through raising awareness of emotional health, delivering group sessions with young people and signposting to support services.

The iCare programme is a self-care activity that aims to help support you with your emotional health and wellbeing. This includes an iCare box, filled with activities and gifts around the 5 senses of your body (these are sight, sound, smell, touch and taste). The purpose of the box is to help you begin to look at what self-care means to you and how you can rebuild your box for when you need a little bit of extra TLC. You can refill it with anything that helps you feel better and this will be unique to you.

Alongside this, there is a self-care journal with activities to support you in recognising your strengths and personal goals, with some helpful mindfulness and self-regulating activities for when you are feeling overwhelmed. Give them a try and see what works best for you – add these to your iCare box to remind you what helps you!

Depending on how you are feeling, you are able to try this iCare programme out on your own, or with a trusted adult such as a Youth Worker. The most important part is beginning your journey into building your own self-care toolkit to help you when times are a little bit tough!

If you’re interested in learning more about the iCare programme, please feel free to contact us

A whole Service approach

  • Staff training around Brief Solution Focused, Motivational Interviewing, Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Training, Mindfulness, CBT/Anxiety etc.


Active Involvement Team

About us

The Active Involvement Team is Cardiff Youth Service children and young people’s participatory and engagement team. The aim is to ensure we reach out to as many young people as possible and give greater opportunities for their voices to be heard, as well as including young people in the governance of wider youth services delivery and ensuring young people are aware of changes and implementations made from their input. The team has a particular emphasis on Article 12: 

Children and young people have the human right to have opinions and for these opinions to matter. It says that the opinions of children and young people should be considered when people make decisions about things that involve them, and they shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand on the grounds of age. It also says children and young people should be given the information they need to make good decisions.’ 

Additional to this we will also adhere to Article 13 and ensure we as youth workers give up to date and appropriate information, support, and Guidance to all young people we encounter with to increase their access to information and aid making informed choices/ decisions in things that matter to them. 

Article 13: “The child shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of the child’s choice” 

To try to achieve this the AIT run Projects and take on approaches shown below:

Young Programme 

· Young Commissioners - Approximately 55 young people have received training and helped with the commissioning process of over 65 million pounds worth of services. 

· Young Interviewers - Over 100 young people have received training and been involved in over 810 interviews with Cardiff Council (various departments), South Wales University, Cardiff & Vale Health Board and many others including third sector organisations. 

· Young Inspectors - 44 young people have been trained and inspected. 

· Young Researchers - 12 young people were involved in research around the link between poverty and educational attainment. 

· Young Leaders – currently developing internally with youth services.

I Say 

An educational programme, delivered in both primary and secondary schools, which covers the following topics: 

· Children’s Rights and Participation 

· Pupil Voice (e.g., school council, debates, staff interviews, staff appraisal, school appraisal) 

· Democracy – Youth Participation 

· Democracy – UK Democratic Processes 

Additionally, to this we currently work within the wider youth services with young people introducing participation and creating further opportunities for young people to be active community members. We also aim to create opportunities for wider groups of young people to be involved in strategic decisions and changes. 

Participation standards 

AIT support wider youth services to undertake the participation standards kite mark: 

· Staff support, guidance, and monitoring 

· Coordination of youth inspections 


AIT deliver training currently within youth services: 

· Children’s rights and participation – train the trainer I Say 

· Train the trainer in all aspects of the Young Programme – Delivered within our service and to partners. 

· Bespoke training identified by professionals and young people – designed and delivered to suit learners’ gaps in participation and engagement. 

· Democracy and community groups training – developing for staff and young people


· Outreach work. 

· Internal partnership and collaborative working. 

· External partnership work. 

· Informal Education. 

· Young person-centred approach. 

· Projects/ workshops – Opportunities for developments and skills within communities. 

· Consultations – meaningful conversations with young people. 

· Training – Professionals and young people 

· Collaborative work with Cardiff Youth Council and local community groups.

If you would like to know more about what we offer, or are either a professional or a young person wanting to get involved, please see our contact details below.


Post-16 Youth Mentoring

About us

We offer one-to-one support for young people aged 16-25 who are not in employment, education or training. In partnership with Careers Wales, the Post-16 Youth Mentor Project is a long standing and successful Families First funded project run by Cardiff Council Youth Service. The team aims to target unemployed and economically inactive young people , aged 16 +, from across Cardiff. They offer a tailored person-centred approach, which endeavours to help determine and remove personal barriers. This enables young people to go on and achieve sustained engagement in education, training or the employed labour market. Our team are qualified Youth and Community workers, who work closely with young people and partner agencies. We provide free signposting to overcome the barriers young people can face, and support them to access and remain in education, employment or training (EET).

'The Youth Mentor process has helped increase my confidence massively by taking on new challenges such as learning to drive, applying for college with the ambition of becoming a nurse. Keeping me involved in all decision making and them also being involved with the decision making, while being open and honest.' (Young Person)

Youth Mentor Approach

 The Youth Mentoring process is founded upon relationships based on trust and mutual respect, formed through voluntary engagement. All mentors adopt a non-judgemental, thorough approach that actively encourages young people to contribute to and make key decisions regarding their personal goals and aspirations. Our person-centred approach allows individuals who are ready for education, training or employment, plus those who are furthest away, to receive the appropriate support.

How Post-16 can help

Post-16 Youth Mentors aim to listen, support and subsequently establish personal action plans that will enable young people to achieve their educational, training or careers ambitions.

A Youth Mentor can help young people to:

  • Achieve greater clarity and understanding of EET and the opportunities available to them.
  • Recognise individual skills and abilities.
  • Remove the obstacles to any EET future goals and aspirations.
  • Generate personal solutions to identified problems, with support.
  • Navigate education, employment or training options.
  • Identify suitable education or training courses.
  • Access bespoke Post-16 Curricula / group sessions based on identified needs.
  • Take part in activities to improve skills or work towards an accreditation.
  • Connect to wider Youth Services.
  • Access necessary services.
  • Find appropriate opportunities.
  • Create and transform plans into action and, most importantly, success.

Any young person who is referred and successfully accepted on to the Post-16 Service will be allocated a qualified and experienced Post-16 Youth Mentor, who they will meet regularly on a one-to-one basis. 

'I found it (Youth Mentoring)…very helpful to talk about my problems. I received a lot of help with getting benefit money.  I do feel more confident and I am thinking about my future in a more positive way' (Young Person)

 If you would like to get in touch with our team, you can find our social media, email, and contact number below. 


Youth Centres

Cardiff Youth Service offers open access youth centres three evenings a week, 44 weeks of the year, across the city for young people aged 11-25.  Youth Centres are a space where young people can participate in a range of activities in a safe environment. Young people will have access to our team of Youth Workers which will support young people's social, educational and emotional development. 

Young people have access to informal learning opportunities, information and guidance around a whole range of issues. This enables young people to make informed decisions about life choices and the opportunities that are available to them. 

Check out more information about each Youth Centre by clicking on the links.


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Have Your Say!

Have Your Say!

We want to see your creative side!

Calling all 11-25 year olds, We're looking for stories, podcasts, blog posts, articles, poetry, vlogs, posters, graphics, photography, art, music, films! Have your content put on our Blog! Get involved and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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The Voice of Young People on Safeguarding

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